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Mother Earth Libations

Mother Earth Libations

Now how many times in your life have you spent the day in the garden thinking about what great cocktail you are going to harvest today? Maybe never! But absolutely great Gardentails are just sitting there waiting for the pickin’.

She's Hot Mary


Start this Hot Mama out with some Garden Infused Vodka.


Jalapeños, Habanero Chiles, and Fresh Basil, and Limes fire up this Gardentail. 

I like to make home made Tomato Basil Soup using my fresh San Marzanos and use as my mix, along with a little horseradish. Mix in about 4 tablespoons of Barbeyaki Spicy and you are ready to take off. Then pour in that infused vodka and garnish with olives, picked cucumber spears , and a piece of crispy bacon. Goes real good with a big bowl of your favorite Gelato.  This recipe curtsy of Barbeyaki Master Chef John Woods.

The Chamtito

The Chamjito

On the refreshing side of things, try out the Chamjito. Champagne with Mojito. Muddle some of your fresh mint, limes with some sugar water and Silver Rum.  Strain and pour half a flute mixed with the other half of Champagne. The garnish with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and tiny leaves of mint. You better make a bunch of this because you can’t stopped drinking them.

The Flower Child

The Flower Child

This Gardentail is for all of you Flower Folks. Infuse some Titos Vodka with Elderflowers, Buffalo Grass and Basil. Mix together 65% Rose wine and 35% of your Floral Concoction. Garnish with Blueberries.

And last but not least, the Delta Punch

Delta Punch...and It's Packed

Delta Punch…and It’s Packed

Put a cup of Raw Sugar with a quart of Indian Black Tea. Then add a quart of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, 2 cups of Meyers Dark Rum,2 Cups Cognac, 1 cup Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, I cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and 1 1/2 cups Pellegrino Sparkling Water. Garnish with Nutmeg.

Hotty Toddy and Be Nice To Your Garden.

Y’all Done Drank So Much You Look Like You Been Chasin’ Cars

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