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Thinking Bigger

What is this? Where is this?

Is it a ball? Is it and eyeball? is it a fish-eye view out of an airplane window. Look at it up close, then look at it from a far. Any difference? Now , stop and try to imagine other possibilites. Reach back into the depth of your mind, back into your memories, back into your horrible experiences, then back into your wonderful experiences. Imagine this picture as you think outside of the simple objectivity of this picture. For some odd reason, we all tend to look at things only at face value. Our simplistic first glance creates, opinions, makes judgments, likes and dislikes. Rarely in our daily lives to we glance at something and take the time to Think Bigger. What if it is not really what we see initially. What if it is far greater. What if we looked at it from another perspective?

Now, take a look at this.

Any Ideas?

Got any ideas? Do you dare think bigger this time? Is it a piece of art? Kinda looks like some famous abstract artist’s painting I saw at the Louvre. Now open your mind  and think bigger. Where in your childhood or family experiences did you see something so colorful and beautiful? Is it possible that this beautifully colored picture be the same object in the first picture, just from a different perspective? Let’s see.

What is this thing?

Amazing isn’t it? So much beauty, just looking at things from a different perspective. Does it ever cross your mind that your immediate thought or impression could be so wrong, or could be so limiting. We have to Think Bigger. We have to truly desire to know more about the object we see. To get to know all it can be. Now look at it.

So much more!

So much more beautiful as we expand our horizons and perspective. And where did this all come from. Would you believe something as plain, ordinary, and inanimate as a dining room table. How could this produce so much beauty? Well its true!

I guess it is time we all started making an effort to Think Bigger. To take that extra step to try to see all the possibilities in our kids, a friend, or even a perfect stranger. So much goodness is squandered when we live only in the moment and let our impatience and self-centered views on life narrow our perspectives of what could be. We miss so much beauty in this world. Open up that thick-headed brain and soften that tough-skinned heart of yours and start…………………

Thinking Bigger

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