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Blind Date

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What do a Blind Date and the Five Senses have to do with each other? 

Getting A Little Nervous?

Getting A Little Nervous?

Now add a blindfold to the equation and take away sight. Got your curiosity up yet?

Meat and Greet

Meat and Greet

Ok, I think I have you either starting to breath a little heavier or flat out afraid to scroll down. Don’t worry it is still me.

So what does all of this have to do with Barbeyaki? Absolutely nothing! But what it is all about is an intersting way to enjoy your

Next Family Dinner.

Welcome to The “Family Blind Date Dinner”.

Blind date because everyone will be blindfolded. And why will everyone be blindfolded????????

To discover the true enjoyment of Dining with a Sensory Overload.

Perfect Table Setting

Perfect Table Setting

Just start with a beautiful table setting while your guests are still not blindfolded so they can visually appreciate all your hard work.. Don’t over intoxicate them before the veiling as this will reduce their sensual perception. Before serving anything have them sit down, blindfolds on, and all join in to a verse or two of “Pop Goes The Weasel”

Then start the courses flowing. It is very important to properly think about the menu on this one. Every dish must take the Four Senses remaining to new levels. They must be puzzling and scary. They must make peoples minds go places.

Get Ihe Idea Now

Get Ihe Idea Now

Touch and Smell

Touch and Smell

Sounds: Bubbles Mixing with Acidity

Sound: Bubbles Mixing with Acidity

And to end the inquisitive evening, just before Dessert……………throw in a plate full of some unusual Balls for the final sensory “O” gasm.


Told you this would be an exciting, fun-filled Dinner. Just let your senses loose!

Thanks to Paula Jones and bell’ alimento for some great pictures and inspiration.

Well Doesn’t That Just Dill Your Pickle!

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