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Now when is the last time you thought about pizza when you grabbed your grilling sauce from the fridge? Ribs, Chicken, Steaks…….even fish.

But Pizza????

Chef John Woods from Horn Lake Mississippi trains up and coming chefs at his First Choice Catering Culinary School. And this weeks project was Barbeyaki Pizza.


We all know that Barbeyaki is the most versatile sauce on the market. I thought the use as a salad dressing was a little absurd until I tried it and loved it. But as a base sauce for a Pizza, it brings a slice of pie to a new level.


These are a few of the talented chefs that made they Barbeyaki Magic happen.


Now don’t that may your mouth water.

And if you are looking for another wild creation using God’s Grilling Sauce, take a look at this.

Barbeyaki Chicken Cacciatore


Now that is a good piece of chicken!

I am as happy as a rooster in a hen house!

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