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Oink Oink


Don’t we just love them? We love to play with them when they are little and we are too. We watch them in cartoons on  Saturday morning and laugh our tails off.We love to chase them in the mud and try to catch them we are a little older.

Love That Smell

Then our mother finally tells us that the bacon we wake up to on Sunday mornings is really a big ole pink guy named “Hoss” and our hearts and stomach drop three feet.

Meet “HOSS”

But for some reason we overcome all those cute, funny, sweet moments when the smell of Miss Piggy overwhelms the Barbecue!

Prepared For Pork

I know two things: God made pigs for us to enjoy throughout our lives. And Barbeyaki was made for Pigs! I have never found a White person, Black person, Asian person, or any kind of Person for that matter, that didn’t love Barbeyaki Baby Back Ribs. There are a few secrets along with the sauce like par-boiling for 65 minutes in an Asian Inspired broth, and refrigerating overnight to congeal the fat. But we will keep most of those in the safe.

Barbeyaki Baby Backs

Well thank the Good Lord for those little cute piglets and those big chunky boys. There is nuttin’ better.

Oink Oink

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Palace of Versailles……Oh My

The Exterior

To be quite honest with you I was a little hesitant to be spending a day at the Palace of Versailles when there was so much to do right smack in the middle of Paris. The idea of having to ride the Metro and the RER for an hour and a half and have to stomach long lines and crowded rooms was turning my French Food Stomach inside out. But after over 50 trips to Paris for business only I decided it was time to see the rest of Paris. My first intention was to only visit the Exterior Landscape of the Palace.But overcome with beauty and majesty and utter shock at what the French could do over 300 years ago made we want more. But today I will dwell only on the Gardens of Versailles.

The First Site….The Mighty Napoleon

The Grand Canal

After seeing this spectacular opening view, I looked eastward at the unusual garden industrial sculptures as well as the sculptured softscape.

Giant Tea Cup


But the Coupe de Gra was touring the Countryside Estate Louis XVI built for his Queen Marie Antoinette. This English Countryside looking farm was bewildering given it was set right in the middle of the Palace grounds.

The view of what they call Marie’s Dollhouse

The Doll House

Marie’s Very Unusual Animals. Please Tell Me What This Thing Is?

Well, thats enough for now. Hope I wet your appetite for more to come from the Palace. Next post will be about the unique shapes I found inside.

Signing Off From The Palace of Versailles.

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And The Winner Is ??????

Who Won????

Barbeyaki’s First Annual BBQ Bake-OFF

Well, it has been an exciting month of submissions from amateur Cooks and Bakers, as well as some of the best Pros in the world. One dish after another of creativity and perfection. But it has to end someday, and today is the day. The Test Kitchen at Barbeyaki has been baking our brains out on our BBQ, to try some of these magnificent entries. For the most part we couldn’t duplicate some these masterpieces, but a few…..a very few blew our minds, Baking on a BBQ!

The suspense has been building and the rumors have been rampant throughout the Culinary Internet World. Would it be an experienced Pizza maker from Italy that strutted his stuff on the BBQ? Or would it be the homemaker from Ohio that snuck out to the husbands BBQ between diaper changes?

More Rumors!

Well the results are in, and the winner is ………………………………………………….

Jeff Van Zanten!


Jeff Van Zanten

This Dude!

Jeff is not a homemaker from Ohio or a Pizza maker from Italy. He is the proud Dad of 4 wonderful kids, a new son-in-law, and a beautiful wife named Julie. Jeff is a Chief Financial Officer and resides in Northern California. Go figure? I guess he just loves challenges.

It is time now to give you a peak at Jeff’s Barbecue baking skills. So get your pen and paper ready, or your printer. This one is a real keeper.

JB’s All American Barbequed Apple Pie

“When one thinks of America, inevitably one thinks of Apple Pie, Baseball, Beer, and Barbeque. Submitted here for your approval is the world’s first truly All American Apple Pie representing all four American ideals.”


The Laboratory

8 medium sized Granny Smith apples

½ cup Crisco (cold)

3 cups Flour

¼ cup butter (hard)

1/3 cup ice water

1 1/3 cup sugar

½  cup brown sugar

1 tsp. Vanilla

2 tbsp. Cinnamon

1 lemon

2 eggs

10” pie dish

Barkeepers Friend

Baseball bat



A professional needs to not only cook like a pro but also act as one, thus before proceeding (and assuming that you are using a gas BBQ) use the Bartender’s Friend to thoroughly clean the outside of your bbq so that the shine equals one of my wife’s beautiful smiles. (Gratuitous kiss-up to the one cleaning up.  Not required)

Turn the BBQ on to its highest setting across all grates.

Pie Crust

In a large bowl remove ¼ cup butter from fridge and cut into small, pea-sized cubes.  Add ½ cup Crisco, 2 cups Flour and slowly dribble in 1/3 cup ice water.  Mix well with hands until all ingredients merge to create a pile of dough.  If it gets sticky then add a small bit of flour, working it into the dough.

Divide roll of dough into two equal blobs.

Throw a small amount of flour onto a cutting board or kitchen counter and start rolling out the dough with the rolling pin.  Work the pin back and forth so that you get a round shape that is about 14” across and of equal thickness.  If the dough sticks to the rolling pin add a pinch of flour and keep working it.

Rolling in the Dough

Using a small amount of soft butter wipe the entire inside of the pie dish.  To place the crust bottom on the pie dish simply sprinkle some flour onto the rolling pin and gently roll the crust onto the pin, then roll it out onto the pie dish.  Using your fingers work the dough into the dish and trim off any excess, leaving ½” overhang.

Repeat with the remaining blob of dough, which will be used for the top of the pie.  When done put both the dish and the top crust into the freezer or ten minutes, then transfer to the fridge for twenty minutes.


Rinse the apples under water then remove the peel using a peeler or knife.  As you finish each apple put it into a large bowl filled with ice water and a few drops of lemon juice.  This will keep the apples from browning and will cool them down before grilling.

Ready to Bob?

Cut the apples into 1/2 “ slices, taking out the seeds.  Put them back into the cold water as you cut them up.  Walk out to the BBQ and place the apples on the grill, evenly spaced.  Drink Budweiser.  As the apples start to get grills marks, but before they start cooking, turn them over so that the grill marks help caramelize the sugar in the apples.  Remove from grill and place into a large bowl.

Love The Caramelization

Reduce heat on BBQ and using only the outside burners adjust so that the middle of the BBQ is at 350 degrees.  It’s very important that the indirect heat in the middle is steady at 350 so take your time to get it right.

In a separate bowl combine the granulated sugar, the remaining juice from the lemon, 1 tbsp. of Cinnamon and the vanilla, stirring until combined.  Add the apples and stir, making sure that all the apples are covered with the sugary goo.  Place into pie dish, evenly spreading it out.  Sprinkle brown sugar and remaining Cinnamon on top.

Locked and Loaded

Using the rolling pin trick, place the top of the crust onto the pie dish; making sure that there is about an inch of overhang. Trim off any additional crust.  Pinch the top of the crust and the bottom of the crust between your thumb and forefinger, scalloping the edges, and slightly rolling the edge back underneath the top of the crust.

In a small bowl mix one egg and the yoke from another egg.  Brush lightly across the entire top of the pie.  Cut about twenty 1” slits into the top of the pie.


Place Apple Pie into the BBQ on top of a large piece of foil, making sure that the thermometer is placed in the front of the pie so that you can sneak a peek at the temperature without having to open the entire BBQ.  Bake for 50 -60 minutes until top is golden brown and a toothpick or knife cuts through the pie to ensure that apples are cooked.  Use the baseball bat to keep your neighbors away because the smell of the pie cooking is going to drive them crazy.

Remove from BBQ and let the pie cool so that the juices set.  Cut, enjoy and celebrate your freedom as an American!

Pure Perfection!

Thanks Jeff from taking us back to one of the greatest expressions of our American Heritage. And for an incredible baking experience on The BBQ. The possibilities are truly endless on our BBQ‘s. And you certainly showed us that.

Barbeyaki JR.

Congratulations Jeff Van Zanten from the team at Barbeyaki.

The Check and Sauces are in the mail.

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Chicken Poop and more…….

” Unwanted Parts”   

I don’t know about you, but I think the scrawny little legs on a chicken are  “Piece of _ _ _ _.” I hate dark meet and there is not enough stuff on those skinny little legs to feed my pet rat, “Earl”.

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