Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

The Right Stuff!

We all want the Right Stuff. A few of us fools actually think that We Are The Right Stuff. When it comes to barbecue, there are  several parts to having

 The Right Stuff.


First you must have the Right Sauce. And there is only one Right Sauce.

Then you have to have the Right hungry friends. They look hungry to me!

But to really have the Right Stuff for barbecue it is all about the Right Equipment.


This is Right because you can actually be barbecuing on your way to the church social.


This is Right because it kinda scares folks. Everyone will tell you your BBQ is the best!


This is Right because you can take it out for Duck season and BBQ out in the fields.


This is Right because the Grandkids can climb all over it while you is barbecuing and you don’t have to babysit.


This is just plain Wrong. Show off!


But this one is The Right Stuff!

Good Barbecue is all Smoke and Beers

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