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Nice Butt!!

Aha! You thought I was referring to this, didn’t you?

Yoga works wonders?

Wrong ! I was referring to this!

Smoked Pork Butt

I think most of you know how much I love a good Butt. Matter of fact, I don’t think there is anything more juicy, delicious, and succulent, than a well prepared Butt! And oh that smell. I can still smell it on my hands and my clothes from the last time I had great Butt. When is the last time you had really good Butt. Has it been a while? I think for most of us over 50 it has been. But no worries. I am going to reintroduce you to some of the finest Butt in the world. And if you can get the fire real hot, you too can become a true Butt connoisseur.

Millions of people from all over the Deep South think they are experts on good Butt. Here goes my opinion: Start with a good pice of Pork. The Butt is just another word for the Pork Shoulder. It’s a pretty cheap cut of meat and takes some slow,slow, methodical caressing to make it tender as can be.

Raw Pork Butt

You will need a Butt around 12 to 16 pounds. Now most of you think that is one large Butt, but when we are all done it will be the perfect size.

Lets start smoking now:

You will need 2 pork shoulders weighing together about 12 to 16 lbs. Now let’s make the injection liquid.

3/4 cup apple juice. 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup sugar, 3 tbls salt, and 2 tbls worcestershire sauce.

Next the rub.

1/4 cup brown sugar, 1/2 cup white sugar,1/2 cup parpika, 1/3 cup garlic powder, 2 tbls white salt, 1 tbls chili powder, 1 tsp cayenne pepper, 2tsp black pepper, 1 tsp dried oregano, 1 tsp cumin.

Mix all the spices together. In a bowl mix the injection liquid with the salt and sugar until it has dissolved. Inject the injection liquid into the two cold shoulders all over. Gently pat/coat the meat with the rub to thoroughly cover. I mix up a little mustard and honey first and rub it all over. It helps creates a little paste for the rub to stick to.

Set out at room temerature for 2 hours. Place it on indirect heat at about 185 degrees for around 1 hour per total pound. Have prepared smoke pouches with half soked, half dry hickory, apple , or misquite chips ready to go. I suggest having a 6 made up in the beginning and make 6 more while the Butt is smoking. Now just sit back with a cold one, keep the temperature around 185, and smell the glory of the Butt.

Smokin’ Butts

When it is done you will basically left with two blackended looking

small footballs. Let them rest for 45 minutes. Then pop them open and you will see the most beautiful thing you have ever seen or smelled. It will just fall apart. Take a couple of forks and start pulling it apart and squirt a ton of Barbeyaki Spicy Grilling sauce all over it.  Grab a few warmed up Brioche Buns and slather a little Barbeyaki Original Grilling sauce on the buns. Mix up a little cole slaw with some yellow mustard and mayo in it and a little bit of white sugar and pickle relish. Pile that on top. Close up the buns, and get yourself ready to ecperience  the best, most juiciest Butt you have ever put in your mouth.

Black Football

Pulled and Ready

Smoked Butt


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(like the Cocktails)

Mother Earth Libations

Mother Earth Libations

Now how many times in your life have you spent the day in the garden thinking about what great cocktail you are going to harvest today? Maybe never! But absolutely great Gardentails are just sitting there waiting for the pickin’.

She's Hot Mary


Start this Hot Mama out with some Garden Infused Vodka.


Jalapeños, Habanero Chiles, and Fresh Basil, and Limes fire up this Gardentail. 

I like to make home made Tomato Basil Soup using my fresh San Marzanos and use as my mix, along with a little horseradish. Mix in about 4 tablespoons of Barbeyaki Spicy and you are ready to take off. Then pour in that infused vodka and garnish with olives, picked cucumber spears , and a piece of crispy bacon. Goes real good with a big bowl of your favorite Gelato.  This recipe curtsy of Barbeyaki Master Chef John Woods.

The Chamtito

The Chamjito

On the refreshing side of things, try out the Chamjito. Champagne with Mojito. Muddle some of your fresh mint, limes with some sugar water and Silver Rum.  Strain and pour half a flute mixed with the other half of Champagne. The garnish with fresh raspberries, blueberries, and tiny leaves of mint. You better make a bunch of this because you can’t stopped drinking them.

The Flower Child

The Flower Child

This Gardentail is for all of you Flower Folks. Infuse some Titos Vodka with Elderflowers, Buffalo Grass and Basil. Mix together 65% Rose wine and 35% of your Floral Concoction. Garnish with Blueberries.

And last but not least, the Delta Punch

Delta Punch...and It's Packed

Delta Punch…and It’s Packed

Put a cup of Raw Sugar with a quart of Indian Black Tea. Then add a quart of Buffalo Trace Bourbon, 2 cups of Meyers Dark Rum,2 Cups Cognac, 1 cup Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, I cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and 1 1/2 cups Pellegrino Sparkling Water. Garnish with Nutmeg.

Hotty Toddy and Be Nice To Your Garden.

Y’all Done Drank So Much You Look Like You Been Chasin’ Cars

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Blind Date

senses shutterstock_106405568

What do a Blind Date and the Five Senses have to do with each other? 

Getting A Little Nervous?

Getting A Little Nervous?

Now add a blindfold to the equation and take away sight. Got your curiosity up yet?

Meat and Greet

Meat and Greet

Ok, I think I have you either starting to breath a little heavier or flat out afraid to scroll down. Don’t worry it is still me.

So what does all of this have to do with Barbeyaki? Absolutely nothing! But what it is all about is an intersting way to enjoy your

Next Family Dinner.

Welcome to The “Family Blind Date Dinner”.

Blind date because everyone will be blindfolded. And why will everyone be blindfolded????????

To discover the true enjoyment of Dining with a Sensory Overload.

Perfect Table Setting

Perfect Table Setting

Just start with a beautiful table setting while your guests are still not blindfolded so they can visually appreciate all your hard work.. Don’t over intoxicate them before the veiling as this will reduce their sensual perception. Before serving anything have them sit down, blindfolds on, and all join in to a verse or two of “Pop Goes The Weasel”

Then start the courses flowing. It is very important to properly think about the menu on this one. Every dish must take the Four Senses remaining to new levels. They must be puzzling and scary. They must make peoples minds go places.

Get Ihe Idea Now

Get Ihe Idea Now

Touch and Smell

Touch and Smell

Sounds: Bubbles Mixing with Acidity

Sound: Bubbles Mixing with Acidity

And to end the inquisitive evening, just before Dessert……………throw in a plate full of some unusual Balls for the final sensory “O” gasm.


Told you this would be an exciting, fun-filled Dinner. Just let your senses loose!

Thanks to Paula Jones and bell’ alimento for some great pictures and inspiration.

Well Doesn’t That Just Dill Your Pickle!

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What is sitting there in your pantry?

What is just about got to go in your fridge?

Well don’t just sit there……..get up and do something with it!

Nothing make me more excited that using up stuff. It is not that I am really cheap or just cannot throw away anything. I just simply love the challenge of creating something delicious out of lonely,past their prime, food products.


Last of the Winter Veggies

As you can see from above, I had some almost done winter vegetables. Pumpkin, Butternut Squash, Delicata, and some Yellow Zucchini.After a good hour of somehow cutting threw these hard heads and cutting them into nice 3/4 inch rectangles, I cranked up the oven to 450.


After a god drenching of olive oil and sprinkles of pepper, turmeric, cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, and all spice. I roasted this for a little over 25 minutes until they were nice and soft. After cooling I pureed them and aded a little heavy cream and a quarter cup of sherry. Thats it!


Lastly, I whipped up a cup of whipping cream and a third cup of sour cream. And Viola!


What I did not tell you before was the secret ingredient, a quarter cup of Barbeyaki Smoke Sauce.

Barbeyaki JR.

Barbeyaki JR.

Do the uses of this wonder sauce ever end? Wish you could taste the soup. Delicious and so hearty. All from leftovers.

Leftovers are about as useless as a screen door on a submarine. You think????

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