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Quiet Cooks

All we hear about day after day are the great Chefs around the world and their successful careers and empires they have built in the culinary world. I am quite sure these people truly deserve their accolades but as anything “Created”, it had to come from somewhere. I spent 35 years in the Fashion Industry before falling in love with food. I had a very large, extremely talented group of young fashion designers that “Created” new designs daily of dresses, tops, shoes, …you name it. I watched them create these new designs right on their computers.

But you and I both know that almost every one of these designs came from somewhere. A Runway show in Paris, A painting in a museum, a boutique  in Los Angeles…..The idea came from something.

Well in the Food World I refer to the originator of the creation of ones recipe as a “Quiet Cook”. These are the folks that created recipes, cooking styles, techniques from scratch. Usually is came about because they had limited access to rest of the world. It was there way of survival and was passed down form generation to generation.

One of these “Quiet Cooks” is a family from Hemmingway, South Carolina. This family developed a unique, authentic formula for some of the worlds best Barbecue Pork. Meet Rodney Scott


Rodney learned from his dad Roosevelt  and Mom Ella, and I am sure Roosevelt learned from his Uncle or relative. I met Rodney at a Southern Foodways Alliance weekend at Blackberry Farms  in Tennessee. He was being honored for his work. Rodney spent two days and nights in the pouring rain and freezing temps of the Smokey Mountains preparing his fire and pigs over some of the best wood I have ever smelled.



I could smell this “Creation” all over the Farm. Day and Night. But I had no true appreciation of Rodney, His family, and their passion for “creating” until I saw this video.

Now this is what I call “Creativity”. It comes from the heart and passes through time and always comes from what the Good Lord has provided. Now if Rodney could only mop a little Barbeyaki on that meat!

You Don’t Need No Teef To Eat This Beef!

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  1. I have missed your blog – loved this one!

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