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IMG_2261This is my alter Ego, “Hoot”

Believe it or not, I share some genes with “Hoot” We both have fat cheeks, green eyes, and need glasses to see.


This is me! 

As you can see I have fat cheeks, green eyes, and need glasses to see also.

Mr_&_Mrs_Stark_IIThis is my Dad.

He can’t see either, and he gave me my cheeks, and guess what……….he has green eyes!

IMG_2660This is my boy!

He can see so far, but he is very young. I bet he needs specs pretty soon, but he got all the other goodies like the cheeks.


This is my Grandson.

Of course he doesn’t need glasses at this age. He is still pooping his pants. But as you can see he has the cheeks. I am just hoping he is outta diapers before I start to wear them again.

The whole point of this is that every single day we wake up, we get to see ourselves past, present, and future because of these genes. What a very cool miracle God provided to us. I love it.

What a “Hoot”

I Am Off  Like a Herd of Turtles

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