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My Grandson

My Grandson

Meet John Harrison 

He was gloriusly born in Nashville Tennessee on March 18th, 2013. He is named after his Grandfather, “Johnny“, and some guy named Harrison. I like to think it was after Harrison Ford myself. I know you all think his nickname is probably “Harry”. But his Momma decided to name him “Harold” after Harold in “Harold and Kumar”??? So for the purpose of this introduction we will stick with “Harrison“.



This is Harrison’s Aunt Frankie.



This is Harrison’s Uncle Bubba. They both just love their nephew.


This is Harrison’s best friend “Paddington“.

Harrison really the sweetest, best behaved, cutest (handsome), smartest Grandson in the world (sorry everybody else in the world that has a Grandson…it is my first so I have to say it).

Hotty Toddy

Hotty Toddy

Harrison is an Ole Miss Rebel. He will attend Ole Miss someday and most likely will be the starting Quarterback for the Ole Miss Rebels. His Grandpa will be at every game, probably crying every time he touches the ball.

Fashion Maven

Fashion Maven

Harrison is also a great dresser. He will be featured in GQ Magazine in June as one of their “Best Dress Men in the World”.


This is Harrison’s Cousin, Sophie. She is my 11 year old Granddaughter and in the “World’s Best Granddaughter“. By now you should be acknowledging that the Gene Pool for Looks is very strong in this family. She is the first spoiled Grandchild and Harrison will be next. Sophie is the best Cousin a little boy can have, and smart as a whip too.

Pretty Boy

Pretty Boy

I had to end my picture gallery with this beautiful picture of my Grandson. Now come on….that is stinkin pretty, isn’t it?

So, so much for my bragging and gloating over my grandchildren. I am sure you understand. But if “Gerber” or “Huggies” has any openings for baby models, Harrison is ready. And if “Forever Twenty-One” is looking for the next Super Model, Sophie has talent!

You can see what happens to you when you have Grandchildren. All the parenting, discipline, pushing, and challenging go away and pure love just bubbles over. What blessings they are!

“Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild.”

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One thought on “Grandkids

  1. These are so stinking cute. I am sure you will be getting calls!

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