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There are many, many different forms of shrinkage. Some are pleasant and others are not.

Here are just a few ways we are encountering shrinkage daily.

1. Loss of weight. According to the Surgeon general the picture above should be reversed. We are not shrinking ! We are expanding.


2. The Economy: Yes this is for sure experiencing some dramatic shrinkage. This form of Shrinkage has definitely effected our Savings accounts

3. Organic Shrinkage (I think you guys get this one). Usually occurs when we run like Bo Derrick into the Pacific Ocean. This can be very exhilarating or very embarrassing depending on your style of suit.


4. Hair Loss: It happens to most of it. We try to convince ourselves that it is not but it is. Our follicles are experiencing shrinkage and chocking our last few little hairs. But who cares. There is nothing more reflective than a beautifully shined scalp!

5.Home Size: This is what I have just experienced. Some serious shrinkage of my home. This was my previous home:


Not bad huh? 748 lightbulbs, 7 Pool Pumps that went out monthly, 362 sprinkler heads,  12 shower or tub drains that got stopped up bi-weekly, 1/2 acre of flower beds where the flowers had to be replaced once every two months or the neighbors complained about the aesthetics of the yard. And we will not even get into the water and electric bill of this monster every month.

Now for the Shrinkage.………This is my new abode

Chateau de Shrinkage

Chateau de Shrinkage

And this is my master bathroom.

No Drain Issues here!

No Drain Issues here!

Now for those who know me, that was not my previous home…..not far off though. And this is not my new abode……..not far off either. But I have gone through some serious Shrinkage and it’s the best thing that ever happened to me. The more we shrink physically the bigger our spiritual life expands. It is amazing when all the burden of materialistic stuff is lifted and the simplicity of life takes over. I have saved enough time each week from not changing light bulbs, fixin sprinklers, and calling handymen, to working 30 hours a week at the local Yogurt shop. And they pay me instead of me forking out.

Shrink and Simplify!!!!  Adds years to your life!

Cheers Y’all

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