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Dumb and Dumber



We have all felt like this guy at some time in our life. For most of us this Stupid Feeling Moment can occur up to four or five times a day. So my mission today, if I decide to accept it (Mission Impossible), is to make you feel very intelligent, supoer smart, and forgot about every one of your Dumb Moments.

This Dumb moment began 7 years ago. It all started the day we moved into out New Condo just north of San Diego, California. It was beautiful! Everything brand new, a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, and a state of the art Viking Kitchen. The highlight of the equipment was a spectacular Viking side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator.

The Fridge

The Fridge

For seven years we have enjoyed this refrigerator. It has accomodated many a fresh vegetable, fruit, and herb. It has chilled many a great dessert. It has chilled many a great White Burgundy from France. But one thing this state of the art cooling and freezing unit has never done is make ice. Matter of fact it did not even come with an ice maker. I have to admit it was quite the disappointment. How could such a great company such as Viking make such an expensive refrigerator and not include an ice maker. But life goes on  and we did the next best thing.

Plastic Ice Trays

Plastic Ice Trays

The old fashion, ever-dependable plastic ice trays. And these babies have provided wonderful ice for Southern sweet tea, lemonade, and an occasional Bourbon and Coke. We never ran out and never had to buy ice. These cute little trays always took care of us. In the winter and the heat of the summer, we were always with Ice.

Then the Dumb and Dumber moment happened . Exactly seven years, 22 days, and six hours and 32 minutes later, our sweet neighbor Gertrude came over for dinner. Gertrude has been living next to us for the entire time we were here. She is one of the nicest neighbors anyone could have. Her friend Bob accompanied her for dinner. Fairly early in the evening Bob desired too freshen his drink. So he opened the freezer and was quite astonished that he could not retrieve ice from the Ice Maker. We apologized and explained we had to resort to the old fashion Ice Tray which he so graciously obliged it’s use. Bob did point out though that Gertrude had an ice maker in her refrigerator and it appeared to be the exact model as ours.

“Well” I said, “obviously Gertrude was just a little more special than we were”. And the evening went on without any more Icy conversations.

Today at 4:05 P.S.T., my wife looked at me and said,”now why do you think Gertrude’s Refrigerator has an Ice Maker and we don’t”. I told her is was just our luck. At that very moment i was pulling out an ice tray preparing to twist and crack the next 12 cubes form their maker and I noticed a drawer at the bottom of the freezer. A drawer that for seven years I had never had a need to open. So I did. And guess what was behind drawer number three.


A Stinkin’ Ice Maker!

Now how about that f0r Dumb and Dumber!

I Am As Dumb As A Screen Door On A Submarine!

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