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After Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Valentines Day

Well, it is 4 days after Valentines Day. How long did those romantic gestures, the elongated hugs, those special words last for you. It does seem so odd that we can get ourselves all stressed up about one day that we are expected to express a years worth of feelings, emotions, and gratitude towards people significant in our lives. It is common knowledge that over 60% of all people that participate in the traditional Valentines Day activities, do it out of obligation, not because they truly want to.

We spend so much money on Flowers that will die in 5 days, Chocolate that will make us fatter and pimply, and bought words on cards that are either cheesy or do not really reflect our honest feeling.


How about we try something different in the future? What if we made Valentines Day everyday? What if it was not restricted to immediate family and included strangers?


What if we took all the money we spent on ” V-Day Stuff” and used it to bless someone who is without everything.


What if instead of taking our significant other out to dinner we visited a shut in elderly person who is lonely and neglected.


What if we make a promise to ourselves that we would find two people a day that we don’t know and give them a hug. If these two can do it, we all can! Lets make Valentines Day a true daily experience in our lives.

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