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Cajun Zebra Stew

Cajun Zebra What???

Guess I kinda got you wondering about this recipe, Huh?  Well, don’t get your underpants all in a wad. I didn’t go out and shoot a Zebra if that’s what you were thinking. But the Zebra references a type of Black and White Bow-Tie Pasta I used in the stew. 

Zebra Bow-Tie Pasta

Zebra Bow-Tie Pasta

The Cajun part of this stew comes from three favorites of mine:

1.  Boudin Blanc Sausage from Lafayette Louisiana

2. Abita Amber Beer

 3. Peppadew Hot Chiles

Boudin Blanc Sausage

Boudin Blanc Sausage

Abita Amber Beer

Abita Amber Beer


Peppadews….about 1200 Scovilles!

Just take a couple bottles of Abita and poach the Boudin for about 45 minutes on Medium heat. Remove the sausage, reduce the Abita, add Sweet Butter and Flower to thicken along with those Peppadews. Set aside on a low heat.

While all of that is going on roast you some fresh Broccoli and Purple Cauliflower on 425 for 20 minutes seasoned with S&P.


Roasted Broccoli

Roasted Cauliflower

Roasted Cauliflower

Cook your Zebra Pasta for about 7 minutes and strain. The just pile all the pasta,roasted veggies, and sliced up Boudin Blanc Sausage into that warm Cajun Beer Sauce and get ready to slap yourself silly! This is one flavorful stew and it is actually very healthy for you (minus the beer).


Cajun Zebra Stew

This Stew Is Horse High,Bull Strong,Pig Tight, and Goose-proof

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