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Winter Garden

In The Beginning

In The Beginning

It all started very innocently. After a very successful 6 months of Spring and Summer gardening, it was time to take my shot at Winter Gardening. Unfortunately for me, I was not prepared for the difficulties and everyday dilemmas that exist in growing veggies in the freezing cold. Now you may wonder how someone living in sunny Southern California can whine about his farming woes, but this is not a normal SC winter.


With my Turkey Poop and new top soil mixed well, the lettuces,broccoli,onions, and squash started out well. And then came the cold, and the rain, and the rats, and more cold, and no sun, and more rats!!! Dadgummit! What is with Rats and Winter?



This is what most of my communal gardening community looks like now.

Ghost Town

Ghost Town

Frozen Plants

Frozen Plants

It’s really sad and a little bit depressing. All of the work and time and love for these plants and 2 days of freezing weather can destroy everything. I started thinking about a scenario where what if I only had this food to eat for my family. It was our life line to nutrition. If this happened under this scenario we would starve to death. Now that shed another light on who we are as humans and what we take for granted each and every day.

Fortunately, my plants were  a little more mature than most because I planted earlier. I was blessed! Most were able to fight off the cold, rains, and rats. But not all. I did salvage a few delicious veggies this winter and I am very thankful for this.

Mixed Lettuce

Mixed Lettuce

Pristine Broccholi

Pristine Broccoli

Emerald Cabbage

Emerald Cabbage

Purple-Cauliflower-400x300Purple Cauliflower

So as you can see, I have gotten over my self-pity and realized that I am one blessed gardener. The rains, cold, and rats may have played havoc on alot of my garden this Winter, but the Good Lord still provided what was necessary and some more.

………….and by the way………..I did take care of the Rats!

Not bad, taste like chicken!

Not bad, taste like chicken!

Don’t Be Hanging Your Basket Higher Than You Can Reach!

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  1. I didn’t know purple cauliflower existed. 🙂

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