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A British New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been out and about for the last 10 days or so in London England. What a grand, majestic place to spend New Years Eve and the first few days of 2013.

The Bond Ball

The Bond Ball

So what do you do if you are in London on New years Eve? You attend the James Bond Secret Agents Ball! 

The Driver London

The Driver London

Located at The Driver, a night club in central London, the evening was full of James Bond wannabes as well as a wide variety of Bond Girl wannabes. Now this made for an interesting evening. The night consisted of a wonderful dinner followed by five floors of every kind of dance music you could imagine. But by far and away it was the Bond and Bond Girl gazing that made the night so special.



The night was full of crazy dancing and LOTS OF VESPER MARTINIS, Bonds drink of choice. Bond girls were decked out in glitter and Jewels and pistols stashed away in their garter belts. Fortunately for me, I was blessed to have my 20 year old daughter as my Bond Girl for the evening who reminded me of the ever famous Bond Girl, Jane Seymour who played “Solitaire“.



All in all it was a very interesting way to spend New Years in London. There just is something very special about James Bond and London!

Goodbye “M”


Keep Things “Skaken  not  Stirred” in 2013.

It’s Time To Paint Your Butt White and Run With The Antelopes!

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