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Are We Blessed?

Compared to What? Compared to Who? This is how most of us react when confronted with the question of

Are we Blessed?

The comparison to others is what muddles our view, clouds our vision, and keeps us from the Truth. As we enter into a New Year, a New Beginning, and what will be for some of us,  a new life, we cannot answer this question honestly unless we strip ourselves of self-pity, of selfishness, of our egos. Only at that moment of humility can you accurately answer this question.

Is This Young Man Blessed?

Is This Young Man Blessed?

You probably don’t think so. You most likely feel sorry for him. Child labor is an awful issue around the world. But I betcha if you ask him, he is truly blessed, because he has food everyday, he has a space to lay down at night, he is off the streets, and he can help his family make it to the next day.

Is this Lady Blessed?

Is this Lady Blessed?

You must be thinking………no way! Does she have cancer, did she lose a child? There is no way she could be Blessed.

Quite the contrary. She just found out after 3 rounds of chemo she is cancer free and she can attend her oldest child’s high school graduation. She feels blessed beyond your and my wildest imagination. By the way, the Teddy Bear was a gift of congratulations from her youngest child.

Is this Man Blessed

Is this Man Blessed?

He sure doesn’t look like, does he? I think he is lonely, depressed, or maybe in trouble. Have you ever felt or looked like this? Truth is, he just collapsed of relief and joy after his wife just delivered healthy twin baby girls. He is Blessed!

Is this Puppy Blessed?

Is this Puppy Blessed?

She looks so sad…so miserable. But she is not. She just arrived at her new owner’s home with her own soft bed and bowls full of food and water. See, Lulu was just adopted from the Pound. Lulu is very Blessed. And so is her new owner. Oh, and about Lulu’s expression……. she can’t help it. That’s her Happy Face!

As easy as it is for us to assume all of the above are unhappy, sad, miserable, sick, depressed, alone…………they are not. They are actually all truly Blessed. More often than not, our focus is on ourselves and not others. We pity our lives, we become blind to what is right in front of us. When we become like this we create massive amounts of stress in our lives. Stress that shouldn’t even exist. Stress that is over something that hasn’t even happened or may never happen. Stress over what others think of us and how we look. If we would only wake up each morning and count our blessings one by one before we take our first steps and mutter our first word.

A good friend of mine, Dr. Taylor Schultz from The University of California, gave me my new Motto of 2013. If you repeat this to yourself under your breath once every hour, you are going to feel Blessed, becuase you really are Blessed. And you are going to not feel stress. And you may even live to be 100!

So are you ready?????

Let’s say it all together.

Too Blessed to be Stressed

Too Blessed to be Stressed

You know it is true. We are all too blessed to be stressed. So here’s to 2013, our new appreciation of each breath we take, each sunrise and sunset we see, and each person we pass.

I am so blessed I could step in poop and come out smellin’ like baby powder!

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5 thoughts on “Blessings

  1. Rose Petals on Rock on said:

    I definitely need to try this.

  2. excellent! great message….I am blessed for sure!!!!!!!

  3. Pining for Grace on said:

    Yes, it’s called being grateful. 🙂 I will admit I often slip, but I never forget my blessings, I truly mean that. (Warm smiles)

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