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Christmas Bummers

Christmas Bummers

We have all experienced them. Whether a child or an adult, some Christmases are spectacular, some are ok, and some are just flat out Bummers!

I have had my share of Christmas disappointments and I have certainly been the cause of other folks disappointments. I thought I would share a few with you.

Marshmallow Roasting

Marshmallow Roasting

We have all roasted marshmallows for Christmas over the fireplace in the past. One Christmas morning we were all sitting around the tree anxiously awaiting our Father’s permission to open our first gift. We ranged from 4 to 11 years old. Just as we were about to tear open the first package my Mother said, “Where’s Billy”(my younger brother)? Next my Father said, “I smell smoke!” We all looked up and smoke was billowing down the staircase from the bedrooms above. As we all scampered up the stairs to see what was burning, the smoke got thicker and thicker. Suddenly we could make out the silhouette of a six year-old child on the floor covered with smoke. The closer we got, we could see huge flames! My parents screamed and reached out for my little brother who was grinning like a Cheshire Cat, sitting cross-legged in front of six bricks from the yard, nicely converted into a fireplace for a very efficient fire he had built right on top of the Shag Carpet in his bedroom. He Was Roasting Marshmallows!

Needless to say this Christmas morning was a Bummer.

Race Car Set

Race Car Set

Do you remember these? When I was 9 years old I ran down the stairs on Christmas morning to see that Santa had brought me this incredible race car set. It was all set up on the dining room table ready to race. I got so excited that I had to go pee! So I took off for the bathroom and  peeed as fast as I could. Then I ran back and grab one of the controllers and squeezed the trigger as hard as I could, and watched anxiously for that Little Red Corvette to take off around the track. Instead it just sat there, wheels spinning around and around but going no where. I picked up another controller and squeezed it. Same dog-on thing. Just 4 spinning wheels. Then I noticed it…………………. all the tiny little rubber tires were missing off all of the cars. Where were they? My Father appeared all ready to race. I pointed out to him with tears running down my cheeks that my race car set was ruined! After studying the situation a little closer, my Father looked down at my 4 year old little brother and said.”Billy,where are the tires!” And then my heart sunk. Billy responded to my Dad’s firm voice and said,”I flushed them down the toilet!”

So, I never, ever, ever,ever got to race my cars! What a Bummer!

The Motorcycle Jacket

The Motorcycle Jacket

As we were growing up, my Father prohibited any of us from ever having a motorcycle. He insisted they were too dangerous and we were too irresponsible. He said, “only idiots ride motorcycles.” Of course, three days after my baby sister Sue left home for college, he went right out and bought himself a huge Harley! At that time I worked as a Merchandise Manager for a large Apparel Retailer. They allowed us to take the samples that manufacturers had given us home after the stock had gotten into the store. One day I noticed this beautiful motorcycle jacket hanging on the samples rack. I thought, what a nice Christmas present for Dad, and it didn’t cost a penny. So I snatched it up, wrapped it beautifully, and headed home for Christmas with the folks.  On Christmas morning my Father took his turn to open a gift and he grabbed mine first. I do not think I recall ever seeing such a roller coaster of emotions in my life. As Dad pulled out the beautiful motorcycle jacket he smiled from one ear to the other. He loved it! What a thoughtful son I was. Everyone was Oooing and Ahhhing over the very nice and expensive gift I had bought Dad( pulled that one off didn’t I). Suddenly he turned the jacket around to view the back. All I saw was the smile disappear and a large upset scowl start to form on his face. He turned the jacket around in front of the entire family and right square across the shoulders was Big Yellow Letters and the word, “Samplewritten in indelible ink. Guess I hadn’t checked out the “free” present very well. Ooops!

What a Bummer for Dad.


Thanks for listening to my sad little stories. I had many, many, many more wonderful Christmases which I will share with you later. But how could you ever really be upset at Christmas. The greatest gift of all for all of us was born that day!

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