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Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Ho Ho Ho…….and Ho Ho Ho Some More!

I love Christmas!!!! But my sister Libby loves it so much that she thinks about it every day of the year! When the Christmas gift exchange list comes out each year, and when we randomly pick one name to give to, she gets crazy. She will never give just one person a gift no matter what the rest of the family does. She Just Can’t Stand it!

So I asked her to put together a list of simple, cheap gifts that she would give to family if she couldn’t spend big money.

So here we go! I am warning you, she is kinda of nutty!

Number One:

Bread In A Can

Bread In A Can

I love this one. A simple used tin can with your favorite Banana Bread recipe bubbling over the top with a really fancy ribbon bow wrapped around the can! So special for the recipient. I love Cans and I love Bread. Don’t you?

Number Two:

Spoons Full of Christmas

Spoons Full of Christmas

Come on! Give Libby some credit for this one! If somebody put this in front of me on Christmas day I would poop my pants!!

Number Three:

Holy Night !  I Love Tiramisu!

Holy Night ! I Love Tiramisu!

Are you kidding me????Tiramisu topped with chocolate chip bits in a glass with a twine bow! Libby is now getting a little nutty. You Go Girl! I know this sounds really gay which is fine with me, but I am a SEC Football Nut that loves Women!

Number Four:

Lemonade Without the Lemonane

Lemonade Without the Lemonade

Ok, I know this is not so Cooking or Baking oriented. But it is really cool. Where did you get this Libby??? Can you imagine someone giving you this? If you know me, Please give this to me!

Numer Five:

Eggnog Cupcakes

Eggnog Cupcakes

I love Eggnog! Nobody else in my family really does. So I guess this is my present from Libby. I would really like to lick this bowl.

Number Six:

Honey Granola in a Jar

Honey Granola in a Jar

I should have known Libby would have a Granola gift. She is always concerned about her regularity.

Number Seven:

Man Glued to Front Door

Man Glued to Front Door

You gotta be kidding! Maybe this is what Libby wants for Christmas!

Number Eight:

Gingerbread Santas

Gingerbread Santas

Ok, these are real cute. Thank God Libby is focused again on the gifts and not that young man.

Number Nine:

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Donut Ice Cream Sandwiches

Oh my! I bet my Sis had a dozen of these today.

and Number Ten:

Confession Booth

Confession Booth

That’s Libby on the left. I think she just ran out of steam with Great Christmas Gift ideas and stuck in a picture her friend took of her. But we have to hand it to her…..we could all probably use one of these.

Thanks Libby for some wonderful gift ideas. I just knew you would have some real doozies.

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