Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

The Desert

Dead or Alive ?

A week or so ago I ventured out to the Central Western portion of Nevada. I spent some time in the High Desert. I have never liked the desert. The bareness, monochromatic coloration, extreme temperatures have always made me think twice about returning. But for some reason I do. Maybe it is because I know there is something beautiful there that I have not allowed myself to fully appreciate. Instead I focus on all of the bigger issues like sunburn,dryness,and the blah color brown.

This all changed for me on this trip.

The Desert Road to Nowhere

It all started with that proverbial road to nowhere. Just a few tire treads and alot of nothing. At first, all I saw was ugly, old, dry,and rusted “Stuff”.

What is This?

A Child’s Rusted Out Box Spring?

Then the wind picked up, and I began to see movement. Once I saw movement, I saw color. Once I saw color, I saw texture………………..

Just as my senses were starting to crank again, and I felt exhilarated my my new found openness to The Desert, I heard something. It was thrashing around just below the top of the bottle brush. I have to admit that another sensation started to come over me……..Stinkin’ Fear!!!!

I didn’t know whether to run, hide, or scream. But I did none of the above. My curiosity got the best of me. I Peeked! And then, just like magic, a person appeared across the desert!

And just as I got enough “Weenie” courage to possibly expose myself and say “Hello”, She was gone!

That day I saw a lot. I saw things I had never noticed before. I saw all the things I did not like about The Desert, and I saw new things I had never dreamed of. Where did She go?

Probably she went to the other side…..the other side of the mountain…….only 15 minutes away from this barren land called The Desert.

Wet and Wonderful

Never Stop Exploring and Never Close Your Mind!

The Desert Is Pretty Enough To Make A Bunny Smooch A Hound Dog

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