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Holiday Balls

Holiday Balls

Now that we have turned the corner from the Thanksgiving season of overstuffing ourselves and sleeping for two days straight, only to wake up and be pissed off to find 6 feet of dirty dishes and the smell of “Once-A- Year-Food-Odor” circumventing the house, it is now time to to reach for all the available stress of the next Holiday season…………Christmas…………..and………….Hanukkah!

It is time to forget about all those things we were so thankful for a week ago when we set aside a little bit of time to think about the people that had really shaped our lives over the past year, that had truly loved us unselfishly over the past year, that had sacrificed their lives for us this past year, and start making ourselves crazy, short-tempered, and neurotic. Oh don’t you just love this time of the year!

Well, I am going to attempt to soften this blow to our hearts and psyche, with some great food and humor. I apologize upfront if I offend anyone over the next 25 days or so. I am just trying to humor your depressive senses.

I am pretty sure most of you have watched Saturday Night Live (SNL for you younger folks) at some time of your life. My favorite times to tune in are Election years and Holidays. My favorite Holiday sketch is by far Schweedy Balls. An “NPR-LIke” Cooking Show featuring Alex Baldwin as Earthy Confectioner Pete Schweddy.

Just to jiggle your memory take a look at this!

Funny, Right?

Well, fortunately for me, I had the great fortune of tasting some of the best Holiday Balls on the entire planet during our Thanksgiving feast. These were called 

“Kate’s Balls”

Delightful Balls

“Kate’s Balls were very simple to make. These are made with Pumpkin Bread. Just take any of the wonderful Pumpkin Bread recipes you have hanging around, bake the loaf, and set it aside for cooling. After cooling, crumble the bread into a very fine texture in a bowl. Then take a pint of your favorite cream cheese and start mashing and mixing the entire mess together. Pretty soon you will have a slightly wet constancy that you can shape into your Own Balls. After your personalized Balls are shaped, refrigerate them while you start melting down chocolate. Any kind is fine, white,dark,milk…you name it. Once melted, take your Balls and coat them in the chocolate and place back on a waxed paper-covered cookie sheet and cool .

Close-Up of Kate’s Balls

Now it is your turn to get creative with your Holiday Balls. The sky is the limit. Banana Bread Balls dipped in Caramel……Zucchini Bread Balls dipped in White Chocolate. And if you really want to impress those In-Laws we recently talked about, put a stick in your Balls like Starbucks does and call them Holiday Pops.


So if you really want to truly send out some Holiday cheer to friends and love ones this Christmas or Hanukkah, get creative with your balls, or get your spouse to get creative with his Balls. You just never know.

Well Don’t That Put Some Rum In Your Fruitcake!

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One thought on “Holiday Balls

  1. Taylor Foody on said:

    This is hilarious. Mr. Stark. you need to make some gluten free balls when I come to visit!! I want in on this, too!

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