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Marketing 101

Marketing 101

It is amazing how gullible our society has become. We will buy anything, believe anything, eat anything, and go anywhere, advertising tells us to if it is really done well. But for the most part we just have to sit and watch or read ads that are boring, poorly made, and really don’t get their message across. But I have found some that truly do (at least for me).

Looking for the perfect color of fingernail polish for that big night out.

Nailed It!

Spaghetti tonight anyone? Magnifico!


Lookin’ to style your Fro for the big Prom?

Cuttin’ Up Will Do It For You

Why do people get hit by cars in the cross walk? I don’t get it. Somebody is not paying attention. Well this should help.

Finding work these days is tough. But if you really want a job, it is out there!

Fill ‘er Up

And what about our hygiene. Hundreds of ads every hour, telling us how to shower, shave, wipe,smell. How about good teeth. We all want nice, white, strong teeth, don’t we?


And last but not least, I am going to pick on all of those cat lovers again. Sorry, but it’s real funny. So do you know what you need if you have a large, white, furry, kitty roaming around your humble abode?

Sticky Kitty

I don’t know about you, but these ads should become Marketing 101 for all of those marketing majors out there. They convinced me!

Live and Learn, or Die and Know It All

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