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Clever Ideas

I woke up this morning and just felt like it was time to take a short break from Gardening, Cooking, and Barbecue. One thing I love is people who not only think Outside of the Box, but these folks don’t even think a Box exist. So if you have a minute, take a look at some of the latest Clever Ideas I have stumbled-upon.

I bet you love cats don’t you. I do not care for them very much. They make my eyes water, my nose run, and their pee really stinks. But if you do really love them, I have the perfect cat house for your adorable ball of allergies. And the heating is free!

Nice, Warm, Cozy Kitty. Hangs on your heat vent!

Now for all of you romantic lovers that just can’t seem to keep your hands off of each other, I have found the perfect solution. The Lap Lovin’ Chair. It may cause some viewing problems for the guys watching Monday Night Football, but close you will be, and smooching becomes so much easier.

The Hug Chair

If you are like me, the economic recession has forced me to start bringing my lunch to work again. And I am here to tell you, things are getting bad. Folks are stealing my sandwich out of the fridge! And they aren’t even leaving theirs. But I think I have found the fix to this……..

Ha Ha Ha….You Don’t Want It Now, do you?

Ok, is there anyone that does not need Lemon Juice at least 4 times a week. Think of the mess, the waste, the acid burn on your cut finger, seeds everywhere, each time you have to cut one little lemon. Them after one squeeze you just throw it away when there was still another half, and juice left in the first one. Well, stress no more. This one solves it all.

Got The Squirts?

We all know things are tough out there. And for some of us, we are definitely looking to lower our overhead and reduce our living cost. Many of us are empty-nesters and do not need that big house anymore. Well. look no further, your dream home awaits.

So Efficient!

And lastly, something for us lazy sorts. What if you could cut your monthly nut and get some great wight-reducing exercise at the same time. I bet you would run out and pick this up. Especially for your chubby bunny.

Clever Idea…Right?

That’s about it for some Clever Ideas today. I hope you have been energized and motivated to innovate. Email me any of your Clever Ideas when you have them so we can all get smarter together.

The Engine’s Still Running,But Ain’t Nobody Driving

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One thought on “Clever Ideas

  1. A box??? Not in my vocabulary. I would love the lunch bag if it were more friendly to the environment. I’m also loving that domicile for empty-nesters!
    Thanks for stopping by one of my blogs. I am glad you enjoyed one of the posts.

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