Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions


Lettuce Poop

When we think of Lettuce, we think of that leafy green stuff we mix into our salads that sticks between our teeth. It’s the stuff that we are told will make us healthy and stronger if we eat it alot. But there are many other types of Lettuce and other uses for lettuce.

1.Lettuce is a very fashionable type of apparel.

Fits Perfect..Doesn’t it.

2. There is a very Famous music group named Lettuce

Real Good Funk Music

3. Lettuce can also be a therapeutic cure for depression and sadness….even loneliness.

My reason for growing Lettuce is simple……………I want to eat it cause it taste good and makes me Poop real good. Let’s be honest for a second. If you are over 40 this issue has got to concern you. And there is no better cure for constipation than homegrown lettuce!

Winter Lettuce

As you can see I have quite the diverse crop growing this year and it is doing it’s job.

Crazy Mixed Variety


Some Type of Arugula I Think

This stuff grows like crazy. Every other day I am taking off bags of lettuce. And it taste so good. But I am having trouble getting anything else done. Cause I just can’t seem to get off my throne.

Don’t Let the Door Hit Ya, Where the Good Lord Split Ya!

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