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The Sabbath

The Sabbath

The Sabbath at Church

When most of us hear the word, “Sabbath“, we cringe. “Oh no, it’s Sunday again. I am so pooped! Please Mom, let me sleep in today. I will go to church next Sunday. I promise.” But actually the Sabbath has many meanings.

1. The seventh day of the week, Saturday, as the day of rest and religious observance among Jews an some Christians. EX.20:8-11

2. The first day of the week, Sunday, similarly observed by most Christians in commemoration of the Resurrection of Christ.

3. Any special day of prayer or rest resembling the Sabbath, Friday is the Muslim Saturday.

4. a period of Rest

So today I am talking about a period of rest, not for me, not for my family, but for my Garden. It has gone from this………

In the Beginning

to this………and this………..



producing this………

Zucchini and Beans

and that………….


My Garden has worked it’s butt off, and now it needs a Rest………A Sabbath. So that is just what I am doing . I have put in 35 bags of fresh Birome Gin Turkey Poop Compost and 15 bags of top notch Top Soil. Yes Siree, I take good care of my garden. Nuttin’ but the best for her…….it is a her isn’t it??? So here she is right now.

Nap Time

All peaceful and comfortable. Basking in the remnants of the last days of the California summer. Once in a while I swear I can hear her snoring. She is conked out, full of worms and other good creepy crawlers. I will let her sleep for a good 45 days before I wake her and get her back to work. Then I have big plans for the Winter months. I have decided it is a real good idea to let all things; people, animals, plants, etc., that do something good for us, to have a nice rest at our expense. So the next time your spouse does something really nice for you, or that great employee goes the extra mile, or Bubba the Dog greets you at the door after a tough day’s work, be nice to them, give them a break, let them rest. You know what they say where I’m from don’t you….“One day you’re drinking wine and the next day you’re pickin’ the grapes. Just let ’em Rest.

There ‘s a new day tomorrow, and it ain’t been touched yet!

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