Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

The Last Supper

Nope, I am not talking about Leonardo Da Vinci’s masterpiece of Christ last supper with his disciples. I am talking about my last supper on my month long jaunt to France and Belgium. I have shown you the best of France……Paris,Provence, you name it….I ate it. I have shown you the Waffles and Chocolate of Belgium.

So  what do you think I had for my Last Supper on this trip?

A Fricking Cheeseburger!!!!!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! You thought it was some over the top unusual French Cuisine. Nope. I just really wanted a cheeseburger. Now I did ask the chef to give me some really good béarnaise sauce on the side, which I poured all over that burger. And I did have a big ole pot of wonderfully steamed clams on the side.

And I did have a Chocolate waffle for dessert too. And I did have a bottle of Louis Jadot Pinot Noir with my burger.

So it was not truly an All American Au Revoir. But it sure did taste good! Running to the train station now to catch a train to Paris and a flight home. It has been some kind of trip and I really appreciate you listening and tolerating my pathetic photography and writing skills. I hope it was not too painful.

So believe it or not I miss my barbecue and can’t wait to start grilling again. And it is the right time to plant my Winter garden now that it is finally cooling off in California. So if you are trying to get rid of me, I got lots more to blab about.

Talk to you soon.

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2 thoughts on “The Last Supper

  1. Just interested, what kind of dark bun is on the hamburger?

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