Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

Chocolate,Beer,Waffles, and Lace


Well, these Belgium folks have several things right in life. They are the best at Chocolate,Beer, Waffles, and Lace. Chocolate stores like the one above are all over the city. I mean every 25 feet there is another one. And it is outrageous. In between the chocolate stores are Beer Stoes. Over 200 brewed beers in this tiny country. And it will kick your booty.

De Bier Temple

Ok, right next to the beer stores are Belgium Waffle stands. Chocolate ones,Strawberry ones, Banana ones, Pineapple ones, you name it. I had a Chocolate with Banana one!

You Just Want To Stick Your Face In Them.

Lulu Makes ‘Em Fresh To The Order

Now for the Lace. Sorry Ladies, I didn’t take one picture of the Lace. There is just something very itchy about Lace to me. But it was beautiful.

But before I forget, and look like all I appreciate is alcohol and sweets(which is fairly true), I have to be honest and tell you that the architecture and landscape of the city of Brussels in breathtaking. You have to see and taste this place!

The Grand Palace

The Parc

Now I remember what I wanted to show you…… When they make hot chocolate, it’s out-of-this-world. Hot bubbly, foamy,milk in a glass, and a chuck of the world best chocolate on a stick for you to swirl in the hot milk until it has melted. Told you…they know what they re doing in Belgium.


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