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Brussels Brochante

What is This?

I am not quite sure!

I am traveling with an Interior Decorator. She lives for the Brochante. I guess that means flea market in French. Well this is my third one. First one was in Paris. Very organized. Most vendors had nice little shops or tents with their very neatly labeled and displayed stuff. Next was Isle Sur Le Sorgue in Provence. Similar, but laid out nicely on table on the streets. The vendors knew their product and were very helpful. This Brochante is in Brussels, and it is a zoo. We arrived in the rain about 11:30 am. There was stuff everywhere….on the ground, piled in wet cardboard boxes, laid out on sheets, soaking wet. There were TVs, suit cases, underwear(dirty I think)new socks,old socks,wigs,you name it. But there was also a wealth of incredible old stuff. I mean very special,cool,antiques, that you could by for five cents on the dollar.

One of the More “Organized” Vendors. Check Out This Stuff!

What was wild was when the rain would pick up and suddenly these vendors would run like crazy and grab huge plastic tarps and cover everything. When the rain would subside for even 30 seconds they would pull it all off and the browsing would begin again. And for the most part the browsing was done by going through big cardboard boxes of junk to find that one Gem.

Old Wooden Truck…..about $6.00.

At first I was a little uncomfortable with all the craziness and disorder. For those of you who know me I love order,I love neatness and cleanliness. This was not that. But I did find myself something to buy A very old, old old, sterling silver corkscrew! Got it for $20.00. I know. Kinda expensive but it is very unique………I think???

My Big Find!

So it’s official. I am a certified Antique Dealer now! By the way, here is what I really wanted to buy for the new Grandchild that’s on the way. Just had no more room in the suitcase. Pooh!

Shucks! So Cute

Tot Ziens

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2 thoughts on “Brussels Brochante

  1. Hi There, I am Flemish but living in Sri Lanka for the last twelve years and this is one of the things I really miss. these fleamarkets where you go to just to enjoy the athmosphere. Always hoping to discover that one little treasure everyone else seems to have missed. Used to do that almost every week and there are good ones in almost every city or town. Brocante actually means it is of a certain age, but not antique. With a certain (decorative) value to some, but most probably no real value when it would be auctioned. Loved your article! Peter, Sri Lanka.

  2. Wow how fun!

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