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The Scottish Invade Belgium

My New Scottish Friends

This is Jack and Aide (nickname for Adam). They are two of tens of thousands of Scotts that invaded Brussels on my first day in the Belgium capital. I had no idea when we jumped on the train from Aix to Brussels that there was an International Soccer match going on while I was there. And we all know the Europeans love their soccer.

This is Edgar and Adair. They were in charge of the music activities. The Scots took over Brussels’ Grand Place Square. They were yelling and screaming, dancing and singing. These are some really loyal folks to their  soccer and their country. It was very nice to see.

Here are a Small Few of Their Friends as They Began to Take Over the Square

There were  a few brave Belgium Groups in the square and fortunately it remained very civilized, but very exciting. They were hanging from the windows, walking around shirtless in frigid weather, showing off their family’s Tartan Plaid kelts.

Brave Belgium Fans

Fan of the Day! Notice the Scottish “X” Shaved on His Chest

Now Ths is One Loyal,But Stylish Dude.

Best “Murse” of the Day (Man Purse)

It was a great couple of days hanging out with Scottish people. I have to say that they may be the most friendly people on this earth. You could just stop them and ask them anything and they enjoyed sharing their culture and history with you.

Unfortunately the soccer match did not go as well as the pre game festivities did for the Scotts. After a scoreless first half the Belgium side scored two quick goals and that about did it. But I know one thing, these people enjoy life and know how to throw a party.

Best Pants of the Day!

Oh…Thanks For Taking Care of My Wife Too! Appreciate That.

Great Scott!

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One thought on “The Scottish Invade Belgium

  1. What a great group of people having so much fun together! We need more of that here in the US.especially the senior citizens! Enjoying life. Love it!

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