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Cooking Class In Avignon France

The La Mirande Cooking School

Well, I did it! Took my first cooking class in France. It has been a dream since I started getting into cooking as a side hobby to Barbecuing. And I think I picked a good one. The La Mirande Cooking School is one of a kind.The chef of La Mirande is François Secrétin who trained at the Feux des Iles in Britanny after which he worked in several Michelin starred restaurant such as l’Auberge de l’Atre (Burgundy) and l’Esplanade (Périgord).

The Chef

I guess the first thing I need to share with you about this day is that No One Spoke English! There were 12 of us in this class. One or two French couples and the rest were some really talented French ladies.It was a little uncomfortable at first since we didn’t know each other and we could not communicate. But soon we were best friends.

My Classmates Busy At Work

So here is what we learned to cook and bake:

1. Profiteroles

2. Thymus Gland Sweetbreads

3.Beef Tongue

4. Sole

5.Puffed Pastry Dough

6.Fish Broth ( Real fish bones from the sole we filleted)

7. Real French Buerre Blanc Sauce

8. Some of kind of fancy pants mushroom sauce

Freshly Baked Profiteroles

Thymus Gland Sweetbreads

Filleting the Sole

Puffed Pastry Shells

Fish Broth Simmering

Sautéing Some Beautiful Carrots

After Five exciting and challenging hours, alot of laughing, and believe or not….we sang French songs as we cooked. But it was finally time to enjoy what we had learned and prepared. WE all sat down at a beautifully set table covered in wine glasses which were filled with each and every course.

The Table

Then came the plating.

ePuffed Pastry Shell Stuffed with Sweetbread,Chicken,and Beef Tongue in a Mushroom Sauce

Sole in Buerre Blanc Sauce

The day ended with some very tired but inspired French Cooking Students who had been humbled by our chef. Lots of food,wine,and fun, and most of all…… friends.

The Graduates

Oh, and did I mention that the dude that calls himself “The Worlds Most Interesting Man” had lunch with us. Turns out his wife was one of the students.

THe World’s Most Interesting Man

So that concludes my first but not my last French Cooking School. It was great. I believe I failed to tell you in the beginning that everything was cooked on a very old wood burning stove! This place is one of the best. Thanks to the Schools Director, Severine Sagnet, who took good care of my friend George and I. 

Merci Severine

One Humbled Messieur

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One thought on “Cooking Class In Avignon France

  1. How fun! I bet that was interesting, not being able to communicate. Still you had a great time! The man to your right looks like dad!

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