Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

5 Star Provence Dining

La Bastide du Capelongue

Ok.This is it. The top of the world…..the greatest cuisine ever prepared,the most wonderful ambiance in Europe…….I can go on and on.  Las Bastide du Capelongue is located just outside of the beautiful mountaintop city of Bonnieux France. It is also located on one of the most breath taking, cliff hanging, winding roads I have ever driven. So for God’s sake… of you better stay sober. Save all your money,cut back on the stupid trinkets at the markets, have Quick Burger for lunch instead of a Bistro and make this Restaurant a Must!

Chef Edouard Loubet

Chef Edouard Loubet will blow your mind with taste,texture,and plating like you have never witnessed.

The Dining Room

It all started with a glass of , of course, very expensive Champagne and some delightful little treats.

Anchovie and Asparagus Puree with Polenta Fried Cheese Balls

Crazy Little Cones of Lobster Mousse Parked in a Bed of Paprika Salt

Out of This World Scallops

Herb Cart

This if the Herb Cart. It is parked right outside your table where you are able to view the live herbs that were utilized in tonight dinner. Pretty Impressive…Huh??

Oh, I forgot to mention you can stay at this place also. It’s lovely and quite expensive. So unless you are Mr. Moneybags..go for the dinner and sleep somewhere else while you dream about it.

The Grounds

Bon Appetite

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