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La Coste France…….You know……like the Crocodile

Another day in Provence. One never gets tired of this place. From our villa in Menerbes, at least 15 beautiful hilltop villages can be reached in 15 minutes or less. But before I headed out my latest best friend Suzanne came over to give me a great massage by the pool. You probably could hear the snoring from any corner of the world.

Suzanne Awaits My Arrival

After getting every joint and muscle pounded on for an hour and a half it was time for a short jaunt to the mountain top village of La Coste, France. Another one of those breath-taking views over endless valleys and vineyards.

The Entrance to La Coste. No Cars Please!

The View From Above

The City of La Caste is where the Savannah(as in Savannah, Georgia for my International followers)College of Art and Design(SCAD). Now, you tell me! What 18 to 22 year old would not want to study in this place. I met a couple of young American students walking up the severely elavated cobblestoned streets. I ask them how they liked it. They both said it was wonderful except the hike up to the top 3 times a day.

The SCAD Art Gallery

It was time to head back to Menerbes after a quick lunch. On the way I decided to take some back roads(and I mean back roads to search out some tiny little vineyards in hopes of procuring some local wine for dinner. Well, I found one. And a family run one too!

The Last Grapes of the Season Ready for Picking

Phillipe, The Viticulteur Showing Me HIs Vats of Rouge,Blanc,and Rose

Close Up of the Nectar From Provence

You know the end of the story. I purchased 3 bottles form the family for about Euro 4.50 (about $5.75)each and they were gone that night. Got to sleep off this now and get ready for more.

Bon Nuit

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One thought on “La Coste France…….You know……like the Crocodile

  1. Beautiful ! Were you able to stand after an 1 1/2 massage? Sounds awesome!! Cant believe you are there. : )

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