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Gordes France

Gorges France

This is the Mountain Top village of Gordes. These ancient buildings are built right smack into the mountain. The just teeter on the edge of cliffs.

The Valley Below Gordes

The only way I can describe this is 360 degree beauty! Just waking up every morning and being able to se this would be enough in life. The tiny little village is filled with very narrow cobblestone streets lined with markets of fresh produce and shops with French Soaps and Linen.

Cobblestone Streets

Produce Stand

AS I was walking through the maze of cobblestone I came upon a tiny Bistro with 2 odd looking wooden frames with a live vine growing out of them. This was a pretty smart idea. They had stapled burlap to the back of the frame forming a bag and filled the bag with soil. Then the vine was inserted into the bag and was growing just like that!!

Very Clever Idea

On the way out of Gordes, we stopped by Hotel Bastide. It is a 5 Star Hotel just hanging off the side of the mountain. What a view. On the drive back to Menerbes the landscape was gorgeous. This is the pretties area I have travled.

View From the Patio at Hotel Bastide

Lavendar Fields Throughout Provence

Now I think you understand why I am so overwhelmed with the landscape.

Bon Soir

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3 thoughts on “Gordes France

  1. Wow! How beautiful!Is the fragrance wonderful? I bet it is! Cant wait to see more!

  2. The Luberon Valley is my favorite area of France. Thank you for these lovely photos!

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