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Menerbes France

The City of Menerbes

Perched high on this hilltop in the Luberon Mountains is the quaint city of Menerbes. Well, I should have clarified….used to be quaint. Thanks to an author named Peter Mayle and a book he wrote called “OneYear In Provence”, it is not nearly as quiet as it was. Thousands and thousands of tourist form all over the world flock to Menerbes each year just to catch a glimpse at the wonderful, yet sometimes stressful life Mr. Mayle experienced building his own home in Menerbes and the wonderful relationships he built over the one year construction process. The area is surrounded by vineyards and olive orchards. I heard through the grapevine that Mr. Mayle packed up and sold his home shortly after his book was published as he had folks sitting outside his gate staring at him. Hope he made a few books on the book.

St. Hillaire

This is where I am staying while in Provence. It is a beautiful home secluded in the woods about 3 minutes form Menerbes.

This is my kitchen where I will attempt to duplicate the food of Provence

This is the swimming pool which I will never touch…a little too cold for me.

My prize possession…….The Barbecue

THe narrow cobblestone streets of Menerbes

View form Menerbes overlooking the Luberon Valley

A typical house front in Menerbes….very sleepy

I set out to find two things in Menerbes, truffles and wine. The wines of Luberon are different than the rest of France. No Burgundy, no Bordeaux. But lots of Syrah, Medoc, Muscat and Ventoux. Very good and very inexpensive! I found a restuarant in the city that specializes in truffles. They serve lunch everyday and each menu item has truffles in it. It doesn’t matter if it is beef or eggs, it has the magnificent flavor of fresh truffles, recently dug up from the earth after being sniffed out by a dog! I heard the dogs and their owners get paid up to $2000.00 to sniff them out. Maybe I should try.

Mai On De La Truffle and The Wine……..THe name of the Restaurant

Olive oil infused with Trufles and Truffle Pate

Just a glimmer of some of the great wines

This is a gorgeous are to visit. Make sure you stay for a while. So many more tiny little villages all within 15 minutes drives. Next stop, the City of Gordes where the entire city was built into the sides of the Mountain!

Ou Revoir

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One thought on “Menerbes France

  1. wow! we are enjoying the beautiful pics! Its so nice to see where you are and enjoy the beautiful views. Praying for you on your journey!

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