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L’isle Sur La Sorgue

l’Isle Sur La Sorgue…The Venice of France with all it’s many canals.

Today we drove to the quaint village of L’isle Sur La Sorgue, better known as the Antique Capital of Provence. This day was dedicated to surveillance for the upcoming giant Market this weekend. The town is beautiful! Shop after shop. Cafes on the Canals everywhere, and just really pretty views.

Water Wheels Throughout the Village

….and more Water Wheels

To be perfectly honest, I am not that interested in old,old…very old, French Antiques. But thew stuff I saw here really caught my eye. The village had only a few thousand folks there this day but we are expecting 50 to 100,000 people this weekend. Should be a zoo and a dogfight for the good stuff. You have to arrive very early as the Country people bring their Furniture and Wares to the Market, and the Dealers in town rush to snap it up real cheap and take it to their Studios and Stores and resale it much higher. So you have to beat them to their game.

A nice glass of Champagne and a Negroni hit the spot after exploring the shops.

And then back on the road to Avignon for another great meal and some sleep!

Next we move into our Villa near the small Mountain Top city of Menerbes. I can’t wait to show it to you. It is truly out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by vineyards and lavender fields, and of course….more Antiques!

Until Then

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