Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

Avignon France

Hotel La Mirande

THis is the Hotel La Mirande. It is one of the top hotels in all of the world. It sits directly across form the Palais de Pope in the walled city of Avignon. The Popes Palace was built in the 1300’s when the Papal leadership got into a tissy fit and split into two. One Pope in Rome and one Pope in Avignon. Go figure.

The Sleeping Parlors

Terrace Dining

THe Chefs Kitchen

This week we were fortunate enough to attend the Chefs Private dinner. Chef Jean-Pierre Novi allowed us to watch him prepare each dish and then served us with perfectly matched wine. Dinner started with a Pumpkin Puree soup, followed by a Roasted Duck in Burgundy reduction that was absolutely superb, especially given I hate duck!

Chateauneuf-du-Pape or The Pope’s Palace

The View From Atop The Place Of The Rhone River

The Cathedral Notre Dame Located Within The Palace Walls

Beautiful Ceilings Adorn The Palace

A Fifty Foot Statue of Christ In One Of The Parks High Above the Walled City

I think you get the picture now of Avignon. A very, very old city sitting along the Rhone River right in the middle of Provence. Incredible Ancient Architecture, very nice people, and for you ladies, every designer’s shop you could possibly want to see.

WARNING: Streets are about 4 1/2 ft. wide and your car can actually get stuck against the walls. Drive with caution. Limit alcohol intake.

Onto L’isle Sur La Sorgue

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