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Shapes Of Versailles

Limestone Water Basin

The Palace of Versailles is certainly a place of extravagance and beauty. But it is also a place of many unique shapes and pieces. There were the obvious, like the water basin above on one of the exterior columns. But there were so many more throughout the Estate. It is just amazing what you can see when you open your eyes and are not distracted. Take a look at a few of the other hidden treasures.

THe Mosaic Ceiling of One of The Palace’s Exterior Domes

One of THe Many Heating Grates

Brass Locking Mechanism of Molded Door

Limestone and Marble Marquis Pattern

So that’s just a sliver of The Hidden Shapes of Versailles. It is a place of winder that you must find someway to visit, whether there in person or a great National Geographic DVD if you can’t make it.

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C’est la vie

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