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Palace of Versailles……Oh My

The Exterior

To be quite honest with you I was a little hesitant to be spending a day at the Palace of Versailles when there was so much to do right smack in the middle of Paris. The idea of having to ride the Metro and the RER for an hour and a half and have to stomach long lines and crowded rooms was turning my French Food Stomach inside out. But after over 50 trips to Paris for business only I decided it was time to see the rest of Paris. My first intention was to only visit the Exterior Landscape of the Palace.But overcome with beauty and majesty and utter shock at what the French could do over 300 years ago made we want more. But today I will dwell only on the Gardens of Versailles.

The First Site….The Mighty Napoleon

The Grand Canal

After seeing this spectacular opening view, I looked eastward at the unusual garden industrial sculptures as well as the sculptured softscape.

Giant Tea Cup


But the Coupe de Gra was touring the Countryside Estate Louis XVI built for his Queen Marie Antoinette. This English Countryside looking farm was bewildering given it was set right in the middle of the Palace grounds.

The view of what they call Marie’s Dollhouse

The Doll House

Marie’s Very Unusual Animals. Please Tell Me What This Thing Is?

Well, thats enough for now. Hope I wet your appetite for more to come from the Palace. Next post will be about the unique shapes I found inside.

Signing Off From The Palace of Versailles.

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