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Separation…The Life of a Useful Egg

Separation Anxiety

We have all been there at some time in our life. The first time our parents dropped us off at the nursery or sitters. Even before that when we got the terrifying drop from above into the empty play pen. Where is everyone? Who do they think they are? I was attached to this person for nine months and now they just leave me!

Separation in Action

Then there is the adult version of Separation. It is never an easy thing to go through. Sometimes it means the Big “D” and sometimes it is the beginning of something even more wonderful. But either way it does cause alot of anxiety.

But today we are taking about a different kind of Separation. The type of separation that involves this.

Separation…the Coming Out Party

Now don’t you think for a second we are going to take this cute little Chicky away from his Momma. No way! The pic is just for affect. We are going to learn a very special way to separate an Egg White from an Egg Yoke. I don’t know about you but it is one baking necessity that I really don’t enjoy. I never fail to get a little yoke in my whites. I always make a mess. There has to be a better way to go through this Separation.

Check out this video!

Don’t worry about the sound. It’s in Mandarin I think, and it adds nothing to the genius behind the camera.

Click on Below Link to View Video

The Art of Separation

Now how did you like that for absolutely NO ANXIETY AT ALL during SEPARATION. I would like to thank this young lady and, and my cousin Wendy for spreading Global knowledge and Peace.

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2 thoughts on “Separation…The Life of a Useful Egg

  1. Ladera Ranch, CA on said:

    lmao! That is hysterical. I had no idea that with the beautiful piano solo playing in the background she would abduct that yoke in such a clever way. Thanks Mr. B. your blog made me laugh.

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