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The Good Ole’Days

Do you remember the Good Ole’ Days?

Picnic in the Park

This isn’t a picture from my mothers photo album. It was taken a few weeks ago when my kids came home for the afternoon. And tweaked a little bit by my daughters use of some fancy App to make it look old. A few things came out of this afternoon in the park that are just fascinating to me.

  • My kids were amazed by my 40 year-old Transistor radio.
  • Some things will grow in anything.
  • I learned more about what was going on in their lives being face-to-face, then I ever did in a years worth of texts.
  • Kids will always be kids.

The Feast

After a grand picnic of cheese, bread, hummus,fruit,cookies, and coconut cake with Lemonade, and Ice tea, we decided to fly kites. A quick trip to the previous week to the “99 Cent ” Store, had yielded 3 kites for $3 bucks.I don’t think I have seen my kids have that much fun in years.

Sibling Rivalry

High as a Kite

Following  very spirited competition of KITE WARS, we headed over to the parks exhibit section and found some very unusual art exhibits. The highlight of our exploration was a studio of sculptor Andre Woodward’s works. Now this guy really knows how to mix nature with technology and humanity.


How about this tree? A real Ficus benjamina tree growing smack dab in the middle of a concrete block sitting on top of a concrete floor. No B.S.!

Next was another strange use of the urban environment in relation to the natural world.

What the ????

This thing is a set of very nice stereo speakers filled with top soil and wired up to individual transistors producing each plants on unique songs and sounds. To provide the necessary light to exist light fixtures sit just above the plants. A clever little drip system provides the water. I want one of thee in my Living Room. How about you?

So to say the least, the Good Ole’ day ended up being a mix of nostalgia and new. But what a nice, interesting, fun-filled way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Time For A Nap

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One thought on “The Good Ole’Days

  1. loved the pics and the perspective from this issue – thanks!

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