Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions


It’s Halftime!

Hurry up and get those entries sent in.

The Best of Fire

 Barbeyaki’s Backyard Bake-Off

From August 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012, Barbeyaki will be accepting recipes and photographs of your submissions for the Annual Barbeyaki Backyard Bake-Off.

Pretty simple rules. You must Bake! No grilling or roasting, It does not have to be a dessert. It can be the best pizza every cooked on a BBQ, or your wife’s Birthday Cake indirectly baked over the coals.


You decide and put your best effort into this one. The winner will be announced on the Barbeyaki Blog on 9/15/2012 along with their recipe and pictures. He or she will receive a deluxe gift box of all three Barbeyaki Grilling Sauces, including the award winning Spicy Barbeyaki and a check for $250.00.

 So get out the apron and the flour, put the creative juices into fourth gear and get ready to be crowned The Gourmet Barbeyaki Baker.

Hurry up and get those entires in. May the best Barbecue baker win!

Send them in to

Keep the email under 20MB and please include 3 to 4 pictures of your process and final result.

You can do it!

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