Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions




I don’t know what’s wrong with me but I am fascinated by peculiar, ancient, sophisticated types of Sports. Just to name a few that I can spend hours watching on television or actually participating in, they are;  Snooker, Bocce Ball, Lawn Bowling,Darts, and my new favorite…..Croquet!

The Perfect Croquet Abode

If you really want to have some fun, the next time you join your “Social Friends”(not to be mixed up with “Real Friends”), Tap your champagne glass a few times and announce that you will be holding a Croquet outing the following Saturday. Now make sure you time this after a minimum of 2 glasses have been swallowed. First you will notice 3 different types of facial expressions:

1. The “What in the hell did he just say look?”

2. The “I knew he was gay look?”

3. And finally, The “Ok,ok, compose yourself and look interested look”.

The following 3 and 1/2 minutes will be full of social etiquettely correct excuses and previous commitments that will all be accompanied by, “But please make sure to invite us to the next one!”

But oh if they only new what they are missing. How can you not like the Croquet outfit?

So Dandy!

And how can they not like the equipment!

So “Old World” and “Organic”

But for me it is the Croquet Gastronomics. Check out a sample menu from some of the greatest chefs around:

Bruschetta with Greens

Italian Country Bread, Mustard Greens, Garlic, and Virgin Olive Oil


Focaccia Bread, Sun-Dried Tomatoes,Sherry Vinegar,Mortadella,Prosciutto,Coppa,Provolone Cheese, and a beautiful home-made Aioli

Lemoncello Spritzers

Seltzer Water, Lemoncello, Lemon Slices

A Mushroom Tart

Pastry Dough, Mixed Mushrooms, Butter, Cream,Shallots, Garlic,Thyme,lemon Juice, and Crumbled Blue Cheese

Now, you tell me how anyone could pass up on such a sophisticated sport, with great fashion, beautiful local,and tremendous food. Y’all know I am proud to be a Mississippian, and I am proud to tell you that in the midst of some wonderful red-necked people, there are three phenomenal Croquet Clubs in the State, The Highland Mallet Club in Flora, MS, The Long Beach Yacht Club in Long Beach, MS, and the Pocahontas Mallet Club in Pocahontas, MS. Cheers to you all!

Who Needs Golf!

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