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Color…It’s everywhere

These kids are probably all future van Goghs, Picassos, Monets. They seems to be enthralled with color. Are you? Where does color come from. Is there one guy in the world that sits in his small room near the North Pole where it is gray and colorless all day long and makes these things up? Maybe! Somebody did. I betcha that all this beautiful spectrum of light and our unexplainable ability to absorb these rays through our eyes is another one of those out of this world, Thank You Lord, Godly inventions.

But do we take it all for granted. For the most part, color is important to my wife for her hair color and her outfit. For me, it is the shade of the ice cream I am about to sink my teeth into or clarity of my TV when sporting events are on. But color is all around us every second of the day. And it is the source of alot of our happiness, knowledge, wonder, and excitement. Let’s see where color originates.


One of my favorites. So where did this come from?

Polly Wanna a Cracker


I love Red. It means so much. Valentines, America,Corvettes. But where did it come from?

Tomato Red

How about Blue?


Looks like a paint chip to me.

Of Course….Water!


And Ouila!

Oh My!

And now my favorite color…….


Grass, Limes, Neon,??

Sweet Dreams Tonight!


Oh So Tart and Yellow

And finally, the moment we have all been waiting for ………

White and Black


Fooled Me

So I think we have all figured out by now where all this comes from. I sure hope that man up at the North Pole, sitting in his gray little world, is enjoying his ice fishing. Cause he is surely not making these Colors!

Seeing Clearly

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