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Sorry, Have to Brag A Little Bit

Look At Me!

Boy, I hate to do this. ‘Cause I know most of you are just going to sit back in your stinkin’bad-posture desk chair, and mumble to yourself, “Look at him….just sitting in his own stinkin’ bad-posture desk chair, bragging!” Well too bad. I don’t really care and I am proud for a change (usually I feel embarrassed, ashamed, dumb….just ask my kids).

It has been a few weeks since I showed you my jardin….. that is French for garden for all of you slightly red neck folks like me. Something weird is going on in this place. Everything I am growing is 5 times bigger, 10 times bushier, and 20 times more fruitful than all my neighbors. It has gotten to the point where I am a trying to go there and work when the other folks are not around. They just look at me like I am a Martian on steroids.

Picture 1: Zucchini

It is really that big!

This is a 13 year old girl named Kristen. She is pretty tall for her age. She has a large smile. Her hands are big for her age as she is a great volleyball player. As you can see, the Zucchini she picked from my garden last week is extremely big. It measured over 22 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter. This is no joke….right Kristen?

Picture 2: Beets (One Day Haul)

Borscht Anyone?

The problem with this many beets in one day is that not to many people like them. But I do fortunately as you have read in the past.

Picture 3: Green Onions

Alot of Bad Breath

Picture 4: Todays Beans

Beans Beans Good For The Heart….

Ok, that’s enough bragging for one day. I know most of you have thrown up in disgust by now. But this is what is coming out of my little hole in the ground each day. God is really doing his thing in my jardin.

Humble Pie

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