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Meet Me Here!

Ok, We are starting to get to know each other by now. And if you are still looking when these silly post come up, I think you are a cool person! Now I do have a weird definition of Cool.

Barbeyaki Definition of Cool

1. You are different

2. You love to learn

3. You will not let yourself succumb to mediocraty

4. You think out of the box

5. I guess you like to cook or eat some ( I hope….otherwise you won’t buy my Barbeyaki Sauce)

6. You love Life

7. You care about people

8. You have a God

9. You don’t have to be cool to be cool

10. You stick by your friends!

Well I know you passed the test. So what is keeping us from meeting each other here!

The Maldives Islands

I don’t know where this place is. But it appears to be in the some Ocean off the western coast of South America.

Middle of Nowhere

It really doesn’t matter. If you are really like me, you don’t care where it is, you just want to go there. Before you start getting excited, which I know you will Taylor, George, Bill, ……..Diane!!!….(kids you can’t go but you can visit if you can afford it. I heard they have kitchen help positions open) let me show you why I picked this spot.

We will give bronze hue to our snow white skin here.

We will sleep in to 10:00 am here.

Strange things will happen in this bed.

We will get sand in our cracks here.

We will dine with the finest chefs in the world and experience the greatest cuisine on the planet.

And we will end each night with fine wine and cognac.

So, if you can’t find a way to sell your home, empty your accounts, open a lemonade stand at the corner, flip burgers at Mc Donalds for a few months to do this, then you are not really that cool! if you want to go, comment and let me know. I will start the planning and find us jobs there after we run out of money.

Let your hair down and come on!

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One thought on “Meet Me Here!

  1. JanVarela on said:

    Totally loving your blog it always puts a big smile on my face! And yes, I would follow you anywhere ! Your a great leader that I miss dearly 😀 Hugs, JanVarela

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