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What you see is……NOT…….what you get!

I think y’all know that I love to ramble about seeing the best, the most, the good, and the beauty in everything. It truly makes life on this Earth so much more interesting, happy, and fulfilling. I thought I would show you a series of photographs that I love. They are all very different. But have so much in common. Let me know what you think.

Drip, Drip, Drip

There is something about water that is mesmerizing, especially the drop! Just one after another in perfect harmony. The sound and repetition can put me to sleep.

I love the sound and feeling of a breeze. To sit back and watch the ocean breezes whipping the sea grasses back and forth and back and forth is like being rocked my your mother to sleep at night.

Back and Forth

Love reflections! One reflection in a pond can generate thousands of images. This unusual reflection looks like a zebra pattern to me.

So Many Possibilities

I absolutely love patterns, especially in natural God made things like this piece of what looks like Granite or Marble. The free-flowing motion of their veins is so unique.

One of a Kind

And one of my most fascinating hobbies is to look for new and different shapes. You know they are all around us if we just stop and look.

Volcanic Circle Shape

But what if all of these beautiful, interesting, unique pictures could be looked at anytime you wanted by looking at yourself in a mirror!

Open Your Eyes!!

Looking Out for you

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One thought on “What you see is……NOT…….what you get!

  1. Libby Gray on said:

    This is really neat! Life keeps me from enjoying Gods beauty in simple things. I need to slow down and not miss the show in front of my eyes.

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