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The Sandwich

The Good Ole’ Days

Remember this stuff? Brings back some really good memories of growing up back in Mississippi. My mother used this stuff for filler. Most of you probably don’t understand what filler is. But filler is what a lower middle class mother stacks up on the dinner table for the younguns to stuff themselves because 1 lb. of hamburger meat ain’t goin to fill up a family of seven. Well thank the good Lord that there are much better things to do with this and they are called Sandwiches! 

Today I am going to give you my Top Ten Sandwiches of all time, along with a couple of secrets you may want to try the next time you whip one of these up. So here we go:

Barbeyaki’s Top Ten Sandwiches

#1 The Peanut Butter and Banana Sandwich

Secrets: 1. Elvis’s favorite Sandwich  2. Mash the Bananas with a Tbsp of Mayo  3. Greek Yogurt can replace Mayo for health nuts

#2 The Pimento Cheese Sandwich

Secrets:  1. Sub some cream cheese for part of the Mayo 2.  Put Kosher Pickles of top with Tomatoes  3. 2-3 cloves of chopped Garlic spices it up

#3 The Monte Christo

Secrets:  1. Use a little baking soda to fluff up the batter  2. Vegetable Oil only for frying  3. Top with Sour Cream and Raspberry Jam

#4 Fried Bologna Sandwich

Secrets: 1. Bologna should be 1″ thick  2. Score the bologna in the middle a few times to keep from curling  3. A little hot pepper butter in between bologna and cheese makes all the difference.

# 5 The Tuna Melt

Secrets: 1.Albacore only  2. Put some Potato Chips in the middle  3. Caramelized Onions mixed into the tuna

# 6 The BLT

Secrets: 1. put Mayo and Basil in processor and puree a bit  2. Thick bacon only 3. Put some avocados and red onions on top of the L and T

#7 Pulled Pork Sandwich

Secrets: 1.Toasted Brioche buns only 2. Put some Sour cream and whole grain mustard in the cole slaw 3. Make sure that Pork Butt is covered in Brown Sugar when you smoke it.

# 8 The Turkey Pannini

Secrets: 1. Puree Pine Nuts with Olive Oil and a little bit of provolone for a pesto sauce 2. Turkey Brest only. 3. Avocados baby! 4. Sourdough bread please

# 9 Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Secrets: 1. Left-over steak is perfect for this 2. Hoagie rolls only 3. Fontina Cheese

# 10 The Spam Sandwich

Secrets: 1. Fried Spam only 2. Lots of Mustard 3. White bread only

Yum Yum

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One thought on “The Sandwich

  1. Jeff Van Zanten on said:


    While in general I agree with your listing I do think that your Southern roots place too much importance to the Fried Bologna and Tuna Melt. I do applaud your review of the underappreciated Monte Christo, the sublime Philly Cheesesteak (though Whiz is the key, not Fontina), and of course a pulled pork sandwich using smoked butt. (BTW the best Cole Slaw to put on a pulled pork is KFC)

    But Jimbo, how the hell are you missing the classic French Dip, served with a Sourdough Roll, au jus that is not too salty, and the extra pop of melted Swiss cheese.

    Nonetheless I will eat a sandwich with you anytime.


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