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Feelin’ The Blues

The other day I was minding my own business and driving my pick-up in Orange County. Suddenly there was an abrupt honk of a horn which scared me to death. I whipped my head around to the right and there sat a “Very Blue” girl.

Feelin’ Blue

Well, other than shaking the piss out of me, it completely took any and all of “Feelin’ The Blues” out of me. It all just struck me at that very moment, that we spend so much of our time in deep thought, searching our inner-most feelings, pondering what we have done right, and what we have done wrong. We have become Soooo Serious! And this crazy little teenage girl decided to get real silly and act a little nutty and made my day! Why don’t we have more fun? Why are we letting worry conquer us. We only control maybe 10% of our environment. So why don’y we get a little crazy more of the time and enjoy our life and make others happy? What’s wrong with us?

The other day I was taking a leak in a store that sold a little bit of everything. When I came outside of the can, I heard somebody just cackling and laughing their butt off. Of course in this depressed, mundane world we live in I had to search out this paradise. I came across a big guy that was filming a small plexi-glass box in the middle of the store. Of course I asked him what he was doing, and he immediately stopped filming and walked away ( aren’t people so friendly out here). When I got to the box I peered in and this is what I saw:

Click on this!

Doesn’t that feel real good. Let’s make a point today to make someone laugh just like this guy did. It will wipe away any “Feelin’ The Blues” we might have.


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