Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

Good Poop is a Wonderful Thing! Right?

Just thought I would give you a quick update on the miraculous effects of Good Poop!

The Best Poop I have Ever Had

Most of you surely remember the glorious Christmas present my sweet sister Sue sent me………Nope, not a pretty sweater, or nice cologne, or a good bottle of wine. Nope, my big picture, deep thinking, and eco-conscious Sis gave me……….

Turkey Poop!  Let’s take a look at where this special stuff has taken us in less than 6 weeks:

First we started with a jungle of overgrown weeds.

The Mess

Then we raised the beds, built the picket fence and put the new soil with The Poop.

Then we planted our tiny little vegetables into the Poop enriched soil.

Site Development

Next we planted our tiny little veggies into The Poop Enriched soil.

It Has To Start Somewhere

Check out where The Poop has taken us so far. Hmmm? Makes you wonder if you can feed this stuff to growing kids!

Up Close and Personal

La Jardin

Giant Zucchini


The entire Community Garden is in complete awe over The Poop! 

Thanks Sis

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