Untapped Grilling and Other Addictions

Miracles Do Occur

A couple of weeks ago I told you about my dreams of having a real Garden where I could begin the process of be coming sustainable. We talked about how it would truly take a miracle to pull this off, certainly given the condition my newly granted plot of land was in. Do you remember what it looked like?

A Miracle in Waiting

Well, a little over 2 weeks have passed and with the help of my right hand man (in this case wo-man) Judy Moon, things started to happen. First came the excavating of giant weeds and year old carrot plants, running off a few rats, and  for the first time, seeing what lay below the jungle.


and “After”

Not bad for a couple of days, huh? Once I could actually see the dirt my excitement began to grow more and more. I could not wait to get back there and make my dream a reality. That oh so beautiful French Garden with the white picket fence. Shiny pea gravel covering the ground between the three raised beds.

So one solid day was spent simply removing the tired old soil and replacing it with brand new dirt and Cow Poop. After an entire day of about shoveling almost 20 loads of this crap, I headed home to remove the stench of cow turds. What even made it more intolerable was that I had eaten Indian food for lunch and it’s spices and aromas was somehow melding with the Cow Crap. For a moment I seriously thought that this would make a great candle scent.

For the next two days, my side kick, Judy Moon, and I hauled fencing, pea gravel, and Turkey Poop, a very special Christmas present from my Sister Sue in Waco.

“The Turkey Poop”

Prepped Soil

compost to the garden. We labored in the hot sun until we had that picket fence up. I was so sun-buned my face resembled a giant Beefsteak tomato. The next day was spent spreading out pea gravel and installing a beautiful gate. It was done (sans vegetation)! Next week it is planting time. But for now I hope you enjoy the beauty of my little miracle.

Almost Fenced

Green Thumb

Ahhh! Feels Good

Now Just Need Some Veggies

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